WHAT THE FUTURE OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY LOOK LIKE One factory has totally changed a strategy that says a lot

Global sales of electric vehicles could grow by 50 percent or even more this year, while sales of internal combustion vehicles are expected to grow between 2 and 5 percent. These are the estimates of analysts Morgan Stanley, who in their analysis also predicted that the global penetration of electric vehicles will reach 4 percent, and that by 2030, their share will rise to 31 percent.
Such forecasts are certainly one of the reasons why more and more car giants are deciding to switch to electric vehicles, and many companies are also planning to build their own battery factories. According to some projections, the wars of the future will be fought precisely because of the batteries for electric cars.
That is why the company Tesla Ilona Maska is already announcing the production of a new type of battery that will have six times more power, take up less space and consume less energy. Volkswagen has announced that it plans to launch six plants for the production of fuel cell batteries in Europe by 2030, and the British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar has announced that by 2025 all its models will be electrically powered.

And General Motors claims that it is on the verge of commercialization of "the most exotic battery chemistry of all", so the legendary American car manufacturer says that it will "tame lithium metal"
For many car manufacturers, e-mobility is becoming the main focus and core business. "We are now systematically integrating additional processes into the value chain," said Volkswagen CEO Herbert Dis.

The company announced that it would reduce the cost of battery systems to well below 100 euros per kilowatt hour on average ($ 119) and pointed out that this would finally make e-mobility an affordable and dominant propulsion technology.
They still see the lack of infrastructure as a major obstacle to the mass acceptance of battery-powered cars.


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