The car industry in 2022: crown, chips and uncertainty Will the crisis in the automotive industry continue next year?

Due to the crown, there is great uncertainty. Production processes are interrupted, factories are closed, and the government is short of chips. After more than three decades in which the production of the automobile industry exceeded the demand, during the corona virus pandemic, the situation changed completely. Manufacturers lack chips, there are problems in supply chains, and the prices of raw materials are rising. Production is stuck, vehicle buyers can no longer count on big discounts, and they are waiting for ordered cars much longer than before. „Comprehensive recovery is unlikely to happen until 2023,“ said car industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhefer of the German Center for Automotive Research (CAR) in a recent study.

In 2019, ie the year before the crown crisis, 3.6 million cars were sold in Germany, and in 2020 that number dropped to 2.9 million. According to the forecasts of the Center for Automotive Research, 2.69 million can be expected to be sold this year. Although CAR Dudenhefer expects that in the first half of next year, German manufacturers will continue to struggle with the consequences of the chip shortage, sales should still increase to around 3.01 million cars. Dudenhefer expects a return to the level from before the panemia, ie a complete recovery of the car market in Germany, only in the second half of 2023. Only then, he says, can it be expected that the market’s supply will stabilize. According to that expert, at the end of 2023, the average age of vehicles registered in Germany will be over ten years, and that could lead to „rejuvenation“ of the vehicle fleet, ie to increased purchase of new cars. This process of renewal is primarily encouraged by electric cars, which are increas

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