BRAND HISTORY – BMW Although their engines are closest to perfection, the acronym BMW does not represent „Best Motors in the World“, it actually means „Bayerische Motoren Werke“. The secret of their success lies in the constant pursuit of quality and excellence. Unlike other manufacturers, he initially focused his production primarily on engine production. The company was founded, back in 1913, by Karl Friedrich Rapp. Rapp-Motorenwerke, which would later change its name to BMW, focused primarily on aircraft engines, due to huge demand during the First World War. Despite the success, Rapp failed to sell its stake in the company, due to unwanted vibrations produced by the engines. Due to financial difficulties, Karl Rapp resigned in 1916. The Austrian company formed by Franz-Josef Popp and Camillio Castiglionia re-launched BMW, convincing its then-owner Gustavo Otto of the merger. That is how the „Bayerische Flugeug-Werke“ was formed, i.e.

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